Regional Distributorship

Partner with the manufacturers of India’s finest spices and food products by becoming a regional distributor in your own locality at your own comfort

At just ₹3 Lakh

The company provides you everything for your sales


A Stock of more than 60 food products worth ₹2 Lakhs.


Sales Van, equipped with all sales materials.


Sales Route according to your preferred location.

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The Scheme

    To find more reach, the company Amna Food Industries decided to open their sales to interested and confident people looking to easily start a business with less investment and faster return. The scheme is well designed by our business experts to be highly profitable for both parties.


1. The Regional Distributor must find an initial capital of at least 3 Lakhs.
2. Experience and confidence to achieve target sales in the specified route on a monthly basis.
3. Basic understanding of the brand and its values.

1.  A refundable security deposit of Rs. 1 Lakh and an onboarding fee of Rs. 2 Lakhs are submitted by the Distributor on joining the scheme.
2.  Onboarding, the distributor is provided with a sales route, sales vehicle and other documents.
3. There will be a monthly rental amount to be paid to the company for the vehicle to stay in the scheme.
4. Stock reports of distributors should reach the company every month. The company will run
inspections to verify data.
5. There will be a tri-monthly assessment of sales of each distributor and those not profitable shall
be given warning of discontinuation. A new distributor, therefore, has 6 months in total to prove
his sales.
6. If a distributor is discontinued, the deposit will be cleared against any damages to the vehicle or
other company property.

Interested candidates can submit an application to the company. The company will contact the person and interview on a given date.